The Hungry Coast: Fables from the North Shore

The Hungry Coast: Fables from the North Shore


“In the transporting fables of The Hungry Coast, Marlais Olmstead Brand initiates us into a world in which the physical is shot through with radiance, and the psychological opens into revelation. Grounded in place, these stories open into the region of myth. This is a wonderful collection, memorable and deeply moving."
–Joyce Reiser Kornblatt, author of The Reason for Wings and White Water

"Mysterious and wonderful stories of ghosts, legends, and fables spanning two centuries capture the rugged beauty of the land and bring to life the hardy people who wrestled with its power. And when you’ve finished reading, you might want to go back and read it again, this time to savor the beauty of the writing and to indulge your senses." 
–Beryl Singleton Bissell, author of The Scent of God and A View of the Lake

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