Reflections of an Almost 30-Year-Old

Turning 30 has been a hot topic of conversation for Katie and I lately. Katie turns 30 in November, and I turn 30 in December. Mostly, we want to make sure that we celebrate our birthdays with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm, vigor, and nostalgia associated with this landmark age. At the same time, we’ve recognized that this might be a tough task to accomplish in the midst of opening and running a brand new business. So if you have any fantastic 30th birthday party ideas that won’t take too much time away from Cream & Amber, let us know!


In our reflections over the past few months, one thing that I have noticed we discuss fairly regularly is how grateful we are with our current experiences. While we certainly would have loved to be up and running a lot sooner, we have gained so much in the past year in terms of knowledge, skills, relationships, and life experience.

In the past year, Katie and I combined have worked at 10 different jobs! I have gone from working in staffing/HR to a coffee shop to a bakery to pouring beer at the State Fair and now back to HR. Katie has gone from teaching to a coffee/bike shop to a food co-op to a different coffee shop. And all the while, we have been working away on getting Cream & Amber open and learning from other business owners. We have enjoyed all of the different challenges and learnings that have come with our various positions, and we can say for sure that our lives have not been boring.

That being said, we feel more than ready to open Cream & Amber, and every day we are getting closer to realizing this dream of ours. I recently stumbled upon a quote about starting a business from ModernWell founder Julie Burton that really rang true for me:

I have learned that in between all of the highs and lows of starting and running a business is the muddy middle. This is the place where the real work happens and where you must rely on your grit and passion to do the work necessary to keep your company's motor running smoothly and your customers happy.

-Julie Burton, ModernWell founder

Being in the “muddy middle” of opening our business certainly may not be the most thrilling part of the journey, but it’s a necessary part. Our passion for books and beer and getting to share that with our future customers is keeping us motivated to make it through. Thanks for following us on the journey!

P.S. We really are interested in your 30th birthday party ideas. Let us know what you got!