Bossypants AKA What it's Like to Start a Business With Your Best Friend

I just recently finished reading Tina Fey's book, Bossypants. I understand I'm a little late to the game on this - the book was published in 2011, so to be exact, I'm about 7 years late to the game. Not too long ago, my friends found out that I had not read the book and they threatened to end our friendship over it. So needless to say, the stakes were pretty high.

There were a lot of parts of Bossypants that I loved: Tina Fey's sarcasm, one-liners, laugh out loud metaphors, and self-deprecating humor; her stories about childhood, working a low paying job right out of college, writing for SNL, and creating 30 Rock; her observations on feminism, getting ahead, motherhood, and friendship. I was particularly inspired by her sharing what her life was like working 20 hours a day producing 30 Rock and somehow taking care of an infant at the same time. I think at one point she says something like "I only broke down once..." and I'm thinking, only broke down once? How in the world is that possible?!?! Probably because Tina Fey is amazing, that's why.


By far my favorite part of the book is the times when Tina talks about her friendship with Amy Poehler. She shares a story of when Amy first came to work at SNL with her and she says "I was so happy. Weirdly, I remember thinking, 'My friend is here! My friend is here!'" This is exactly how I feel about starting a business with my best friend.

Every day, whether I'm going to a meeting, planning marketing strategies, or dreaming about where Cream and Amber will take us in the next 5-10 years, I get to be with my best friend while doing it. There are certainly things that Katie and I disagree about, and we often have different approaches to tasks and projects. Overall though, I think we make better business partners because we're so close. We've seen each other at our best and at our worst, and we know exactly how to lighten the stress with a good joke when the situation calls for it. We have lived in a tiny dorm room together, cooked a Thanksgiving turkey for the first time together (photo evidence below), watched countless hours of the Office together, and now we can say that we are following our dreams together.


As the title suggests, Tina Fey talks a lot about learning how to be the boss of someone in Bossypants. One thing that Katie and I have worked out as business partners is an understanding of who gets to be the boss and when. There are times in our partnership when Katie gets to be the Bossypants (i.e. choosing furniture and design materials) and there are times when I get to be the Bossypants (i.e. sticking to the budget). And there are times where we both get to be the Bossypants because we're in it together and we can rely on each other to work hard to make our vision a reality. It's a pretty amazing feeling to have someone else supporting you and cheering you on every step of the way. Tina would be so proud of us.