Patience is a virtue, they say.

Hello- it's me- Katie.  Don’t worry, we're still here and so excited to become part of the literary and Minnesota craft beer community! We're currently playing the waiting game, but I can assure you, things are in motion. Let me catch you up to speed.

.  .  .

Back in mid-April we delivered our plans to Hopkins and the Department of Health. Although we are not constructing any new buildings, all interior building plans must be approved by the city. Honestly, the City of Hopkins has been great to work with. Our contacts there are responsive, people are friendly, and they seem to show a true interest in helping develop the city into an active community with new businesses.

Around this time we also met with a designer to help pull our ideas together for the interior. Kacey and I knew we wanted a place where WE would want to hang out- comfortable, inviting, and welcoming; but we were having a hard time putting that into wall colors, furniture, and wood choices. There are 3 main rooms that will be used in Cream & Amber, and we wanted the transition from the bar and book room, to the sun-filled room in the back, to the community room to be cohesive and progressive. After a quick, spontaneous stop in a fabric store, I found bright, colorful, comfortable fabric that would help guide us in making color decisions. Then, later in April we were in contact with good ol' Pete down at the sign store who is helping us to create all our exterior signs.

We do have some news that we’re excited to share- we got our loan from the bank! Getting a loan proved to be more challenging than we initially thought. In all, we talked with about 6 different bankers. We’re very happy with how things turned out, but it was challenging along the way. Below you can see a list of ideas we had to make money when things weren’t going so well with the loan process. 


Our other exciting news to note is that we got to get out and about at two different events - a pop up bookstore that we hosted at Unmapped Brewing in Minnetonka, and Mainstreet Day in Hopkins. We loved getting to chat with people about where the business is at and what books they are reading! 

Finally, we had our liquor license approved at the May 15th city council meeting. It was great to be able to meet with the council and present our business concept. Side note - if you've never been to a city council meeting, it's kind of eye opening. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes and we got to learn about street assessments, upcoming city projects, and park partnerships. Plus, we felt like we were on an episode of Parks and Rec, which was a lot of fun.

We’re on the road to opening, it’s just taking longer than we thought. We thank you for your patience and enthusiasm and we can’t wait to see you walk through the doors at Cream & Amber!