Thanks to Golf 101 and Toppling Goliath

I’ve realized something in 2018. I have a horrible memory. This morning I woke up and had to ask what day it was. Was is Saturday? WHO GETS A TUESDAY CONFUSED WITH A SATURDAY?? So, with a new year, new me attitude I thought it would be wise to start taking notes on the journey Kacey and I have decided to go down. This might be helpful for someone interested in following their dream and starting their own business. Who knows? Or it might be helpful when all the major book publishers of the world want to write a book about me. Either way. Here we are.

Katie and Kacey - spring of 2011

Katie and Kacey - spring of 2011

Kacey and I dreamt up what was formerly Books and Brews way back in 2011 when our hair was long and our eyes were bright. We thought it was surprising that Decorah, IA didn't have any bookstores and goddammit we were going to do something about it!  We got the idea of starting our own business second semester of senior year while we were out on the soccer field attempting to learn how to golf. We both thought golfing would be necessary when we're landing our corporate jobs and meeting potential corporate clients for a round of golf over lunch (is this a real thing or only in movies?). Turns out there are no corporate clients when you're a teacher or working for a staffing agency but we have Golf 101 to thank for giving us the space and time to dream big.

Now, at the time the MN craft beer scene consisted of Surly and Summit. But, Decorah did have a shiny new microbrewery that opened in 2009- Toppling Goliath. Here Kacey and I were able to experience beer unlike anything we had tasted up to that point. This stuff actually tasted good! And the tap room was clean! And the beertenders were friendly and knowledgeable! What a 180 from what we had experienced so far in our beer consuming years. I guess we also have TG to thank for expanding our vision and planting the seed of Craft Beer Goodness.

Following graduation in 2011, Kacey and I both moved to NE Minneapolis to begin our respective careers. For 6 years we would complain about our jobs and facetiously ask, “Ready to start Books and Brews, yet?” knowing that we didn’t have anywhere near enough funds to start a business. But, about 2-3 years ago we agreed to start saving $200 a month. That was it. It wouldn’t be much but it would be a starting point when we were ready to open. So, I’m not your mom, but for the love of god START SAVING NOW for whatever your dream is. You’ll need more money than you think.

Finally, in August of 2016 we registered our business with the great state of MN. We were thrilled. It finally felt  like we were making actual, legitimate steps towards opening our shop. We cheersed with a cold pint on a patio and the rest is history! Well, kinda. We actually ended up changing our name and had to re-register with the great state of MN, but more on that later.

For now, cheers to making steps and moving forward- whatever that might look like today!