It's a Long Story: Opening a Bookstore/ Beer Bar

Wondering what’s going on with that little shop on Mainstreet and 16th Ave? This post will catch you up on what’s happening on the inside of Cream & Amber, as well as what to expect in the near future.


You see the sign go up, the yellow wires sticking out from the building. Hey- new doors!

You’re excited to sit down at the bar and sip on a caramel-y, toasty stout while reading Willie Nelson’s funny, heartfelt autobiography- It’s a Long Story: My Life. Friends gather in the back to discuss their latest book club pick. The smell of fresh coffee wafts in the air.

This will all be a reality- soon! As you read this post, beautiful tile is being placed behind the bar and in the bathrooms.

The floor was prepped last week and is ready for the final finishes.

Did you see our Instagram story a few weeks back showing the new walls? Once the walls were up, things started moving much more quickly. Next up- painting!

Thank you for the emails and messages wondering when Cream & Amber will be open! Right now, we’re on track to open in January. There are about 34 thousand more tasks to do before then, but we’re excited and ready to conquer those things to give YOU the best place in Minnesota to grab a beer and read a book.


Kacey & Katie

Katie Terhune