5 Reasons to Shop Local this Holiday Season

We’ve flipped the calendar from October to November, which can only mean one thing for retailers…holiday shopping time! I’m sure there are some of you out there who are already on top of it, planning what you’ll get for everyone and picking out the best spots for Black Friday deals. Or, if you’re like me, maybe you’re more of a wait-until-the-very-last-minute person, and holiday shopping isn’t even on your radar yet. Either way, here are some reasons for you to shop local this holiday season!

1) You can find unique gifts

Small, independent retailers will often have unique finds that you can’t get off Amazon or from Target. In the past couple of years, I’ve found great gifts at antique and vintage stores that I definitely could not have found anywhere else!

2) You invest in small businesses that bring character to the community

How often have you driven through a suburb and thought, “gee, this looks like every other suburb I’ve seen?” Small, independent businesses bring character to the community and provide one of a kind experiences you won’t find at a chain or big box store. One thing we love about Hopkins is the amazing number of unique small businesses - it is definitely not like the other suburbs out there!

3) Your dollars will keep the door open

Have you ever fell in love with a local business, only to see their doors close after a few years? I have had this happen with a local refurbished furniture store, as well as a local restaurant. It’s always a good reminder that in many cases, you choosing to shop local will literally help small businesses keep their doors open. Profit margins can be very slim for a lot of small businesses, so doing your holiday shopping at businesses you love really makes a difference!

4) You get a distinctly personal experience

Need specific gift recommendations? Want to special order something not in the store? Need something gift-wrapped? You’ll often find that independent retailers will go the extra mile for you, no matter what it is you need. They can also be a treasure trove of knowledge about their products and help you find the perfect gift.

5) You support your neighbor’s livelihood

By shopping small, you very directly impact your neighbors - those who own the business, or those who sell products there. I have found that the small business community is very supportive of each other, and you’ll often find that they sell or promote each other’s products and services, so your impact adds up! There are also so many craft and holiday markets around the metro that give you the opportunity to buy directly from artists and makers and help support their livelihood.

That’s all from me! If you’ve got more reasons to shop local or have a favorite local retailer to recommend, please comment below!