Book of the Day - Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Today's book of the day has been one of my favorites for the past couple of years. The book's sub-title, which aptly describes the main tenet of the book, reads "The Disciplined Pursuit of Less." At first glance, it may sound similar to the ideas behind minimalism, but as you get into the book, it becomes clear that Essentialism is quite different.


Essentialism, as McKeown defines in his book, is about doing less but better. It's about saying "no" to the things in life that are not essential to you. We are constantly bombarded in today's world with options and information - think about one of your social media streams. At any given moment, that social media stream is presenting you with an overwhelming amount of data about what your friends are doing, companies who are promoting themselves, people who are giving their opinions, the daily news, etc. etc. You get the idea. If you try and say "yes" to every opportunity and every ask of you, you can very quickly become stressed out and stretched too thin.

I found this book to be very helpful in changing my perspective, and learning to design my life differently. McKeown emphasizes in his book that true Essentialism needs to be a disciplined approach and incorporated into every facet of your life to really make a difference. I don't think I've gotten there yet, but re-reading this book always helps re-center some of priorities. I recommend this book to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or overworked and is looking for a new approach to re-gain clarity and balance in everyday life.

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Happy reading!