It's All About the Books!

Books have always been magical to me. I was the kid who checked out 20+ books from the library in one session without blinking an eye. I was legitimately mad when my parents would make me stop reading to go to bed (who needs sleep, anyway?), and I devoured just about any series I could get my hands on. Reading transported me and allowed me to connect with characters and concepts that were both extremely realistic and extremely far out, depending on the particular book.

Fast forward twenty-some years later, and here I am, very much unchanged. I still long to stay up as late as I want to reading, and often my brain will have the battle between my kid-like desire to damn all consequences and my adult sense of reasoning telling me that I can't function with only 3 hours of sleep. I'd say it's about 50/50 on whether the kid or the adult wins on any given night.

Here is a picture of one of my actual bookcases at home...most of these books will eventually end up in the used section at Cream & Amber!

Here is a picture of one of my actual bookcases at home...most of these books will eventually end up in the used section at Cream & Amber!

There are many things that I could say about books, but I'll try not to bend your ear (or in this case, your eyes) off with this post. So let me tell you just a couple of my favorite things about books:

The smell - ok, I'm going to be a little nerdy here and tell you that I love the smell of books, especially new ones. I hope that's not too much information. There's just something about freshly inked pages and breathing in the possibility of a new story that makes me so happy. That's something you can't get with a Kindle.

The tipping point - I'm going to borrow a phrase from Malcolm Gladwell on this to describe the moment I'm talking about - you're going along reading and minding your own business when all of a sudden, you realize, yeah, this is book is really my jam. I'm going to love this book. I can't wait to read more of this book but wait a second...that means I'll have to finish the book at some point, and then I'll be sad. Basically, it's #allofthefeelings wrapped up in one moment, and when it happens, you know that you've got a great book on your hands.

Never-ending possibilities - this one might sound cliche, but I truly love that books allow for unlimited possibilities. Witches and wizards? Sure. Apocalyptic universes? Why not. Zombie Abe Lincoln? Bring it on. I've learned that my imagination is no match for what authors out there have already come up with, and I am always humbled by the depth of writers' minds as they bring me along on a journey.

So now you have a little insight into my feelings about reading. One of the things I'm most looking forward to about Cream & Amber is the opportunity to have conversations with all of you about what you like to read, why you love books, or we can skip the formalities and just go straight into comparing our favorite book smells.

This week, it's all about the books! We will be sharing a Book of the Day so you can see what we've been reading lately. We'll also be doing a book giveaway and sharing more about our vision for the bookstore side of Cream & Amber. We invite you all to post your own Book of the Day, questions, or feedback to share in the conversation! You can also comment on this blog post below - I'd love to hear what you love most about books :)

Happy reading!