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A new and used Bookstore serving local beer and coffee.

hopkins, MN


Cream & Amber sells new and used books and serves local craft beer. We provide a space for the community to relax, work, socialize, and perhaps find a new favorite book or beer.


To bring people together to READ MORE BOOKS, DRINK GOOD BEER, and SHARE IN COMMUNITY and conversation.

At Cream & Amber you’ll find

A curated selection of books with diverse perspectives and voices.

We believe that a bookstore should offer customers the opportunity to browse a diverse range of authors, literary genres, and styles of writing. 

Exploration and quality.

Our focus will be serving quality beer from local breweries and keeping our taps rotating so that our customers can find their next favorite beer. 

A community space.

Community spaces where we can slow down, connect, and be present are magical to us and Cream & Amber will be designed to give you that same feeling. Come pull up a bar stool and catch up with friends, family, or a great book.  


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